Sameer Makarius

(Egypt, 1924 – Argentina, 2009)

Born in Egypt, he lived in Germany and then Hungary, where he was forced to stay during the war. There he completed his education and began painting and sculpture. He was co-founder of the Hungarian Concrete Art Group and a member of the European School. In 1944 he participated in the "First Non-Figurative Art Exhibition" in Budapest.

In 1953 he settled in Buenos Aires, where he participated in the abstract avant-gardes of the 50s and 60s. He took part of the first exhibition by the group "Nueva Figuración" in 1961.

He was a pioneer in photography and its study in Argentina, forming in 1956 the group named Grupo Forum dedicated to promoting photography as art. He wrote the first essay published in the country on Argentine photography from 1840 to 1981, and he was the first photographer to make an individual exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires in 1963.

He held solo and group shows in Argentina and abroad, presenting his paintings, his graphic work and his photographs, among which the portraits of artists, the biblical series and those dedicated to Buenos Aires stand out. He published the books: Buenos Aires y su gente (1960); Buenos Aires, Mi Ciudad (1963) and Retratos (2008).