Rafael Bueno

(Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires, 1950)

Graduated as an architect at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, he was part of the generation of artists that emerged in the 1980s. He managed projects such as Café Nexor and Taller La Zona, experimental spaces for exhibition, exchange and sociability among artists of those years. In 1983 he founded the group Trío Loxon, with Guillermo Conte and Majo Okner, with whom they performed live painting performances on large transparent plastic surfaces.

In 1984 he received the First Prize of the Premio Air France and the Premio Fortabat; in 1983 he won the Premio Beca del Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, the Fist prize at the Bienal de Arquitectos Pintores and the second prize at Premios ESSO. In 1978 he won the fist prize in the Salón de la Sociedad Hebraica Argentina.

His individual exhibitions include: RoofTop, Vasari, Buenos Aires, 2016; Rafael Bueno, Galería del Paseo, Manantiales, Uruguay, 2013; Candle Light Dinner, Vasari, 2011; The Hogar Collection, Brooklyn, New York, 2009; Galerie Argentine, Paris, 2008; Instituto Ítalo Latino Americano, Rome, 2007; Consulado Argentino in New York, 2003; Howard Scott Gallery, New York, 2001; M13/ Howard Scott Soho, New York, 1999; Fundación Klemm, 1997; Centro Cultural Recoleta, 1994; Galería Adriana Rosenberg, 1991 y 1989; The Kathy Rutenberg Gallery, New York, 1989, Galería Adriana Indik, 1984; Galería Ática, 1980; Como el 76 modificó mi cabeza, Galería Lirolay, 1976.

He has participated in numerous group shows both in Argentina and abroad, among which stand out: 10 Ans, El colectivo, Maison Argentine Cite Universitaire, Paris, 2014; Sneak Peak, The Hogar Collection, New York, 2009; Bueno, Cambre, Reyna, Stupía, Aina Nowack Galería, Madrid, 2008; Paris-Tigre, Museo de Tigre, 2008; New York Reunion, Bueno, Bissolino, Pereyra, Rodríguez & Stupía, Consulado Argentino en Nueva York, 2007; Peinture fraiche, Galerie Virginie Boisserie, Paris, 2003; Escenas de los 80, Los primeros años, Fundación PROA, 2003; Emerging Artist's Exhibition, Albright- Knox Collection, Buffalo, 1998; Earl Mc Grath Gallery, Nueva York, 1997; Kouros Gallery, New York, 1996; Los 80 en el MAMBA, Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires, 1991; New Image painting, Argentina in the 80, Rafael Bueno, Guillermo Kuitca y Alfredo Prior, Americas Society, New York, 1989; Americanos, Cork Gallery del Lincoln Center, New York, 1987; Nassau Street Show, New York, 1986; Imágenes de la Argentina de hoy, Museo de Arte Moderno de México, 1985; Realismo tres vertientes, Museo de América, Madrid, 1984; Premio Fortabat, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1984; La Nueva Imagen, CAYC, 1984; El Matrimonio, Estudio Giesso, 1984; Arte y Política, Centro Cultural Recoleta, 1984; Ex-presiones, Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1983; La Nueva Imagen, Jornadas de la Crítica, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1983; 7 Pintores, Museo Castagnino, Rosario, 1983; 9 artistas modernos, Centro de Artes Visuales, 1983; Sauna en La Zona, La Zona, 1983; Trio Loxon, Café Einstein, 1983; El Objeto del Objeto, Centro Cultural Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1983; Bienal des Jeunes, Grand Palais, Paris, 1982; La Anavanguardia, Estudio Giesso 1982, Fiat eros ex ars, Galería Praxis, 1978; Premios De Ridder, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1977.

His works include numerous collections such as Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires, Museum of Contemporary Art of Maldonado, Uruguay, and Chase Manhattan Bank, New York. Since 1985, he lives and works in New York.