Juan Di Sandro

(1898, Italy - 1988, Argentina)

Born in Italy, he emigrated with his family to Argentina in 1910. In 1914, he began working at La Nación newspaper as an assistant to Nazareno Palestrini, who was then head of photography and who became his teacher. He worked there until 1976. He dedicated his life to photography ans was a true witness of his time. He registered wonderful scenes like the ones of the Graff Zeppelin flying over the city of Buenos Aires or the inauguration of the Obelisque. He always chose big format equipment although it was heavy for the swiftness his profession demanded, but it offered high definition and better technical qualities. He used to carry a small ladder to take his shots from high points of view, which became a distinctive characteristic in his work. He participated frequently in photoclubs, as well as in awards and salons in which he obtained lots of prizes. Since 1952, he was a member of La Carpeta de los Diez, which was a group of photographers responsible for the modernization of photographic languages in our country. Di Sandro died in 1988 in Buenos Aires. He is considered today one of the most important pioneers in photojournalism in Argentina.