George Friedman

(Hungary, 1910 - Argentina, 2002)

In 1927 he emigrated to France, where he worked in cinema as a cameraman and illuminator with directors such as Rudolph Maté, Alexander Korda, Dimitri Kirsanoff, among others. With the development of the film industry in Hollywood, in 1936 he moved to the USA to make short films for MGM, while collaborating as a photojournalist for Paris Match magazine. Two years later, he returned to Paris and worked for film magazines. In 1939 he decided to settle with his family in Argentina, where he leaned towards photography. He worked as a photojournalist for Editorial Atlántida and magazines such as Vu, Time and Life. Since 1947 he was linked with César Civita, founder and director of Editorial Abril, and began to participate in the magazines Nocturno and Idilio, where he was in charge of the photonovels exploiting his cinematographic expertise. In the 1950s he participated in La Carpeta de los 10, a fundamental group in the development of modern photography in Argentina.